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Marble, Travertine, and Limestone

Cleaning, Sealing, Honing, & Polishing

Soft stone tends to become dull with wear and can even become damaged by acidity found commonly in food/drinks or even over the counter cleaning products that are not specifically designed for natural stone use. Acids (citrus, wines, vinegars, cleaners) attack the calcium layers in soft stone which removes the polish from the area of the stone that it has come into contact with. Simply cleaning the surface of the stone will not bring back the original sheen.

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Granite, Quartz, and Hard Stones

Cleaning, Sealing, Honing, & Polishing

Natural stone surfaces are beautiful and can provide years of use, provided they are properly maintained. Natural stone such as granite and quartz, are commonly used on kitchen countertops, because they are more scratch and stain resistant vs softer stones such as marble. Hard stones tend to need less maintenance and can oftentimes be brought back to original sheen by timely maintenance with specialty cleaners and sealers. 

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Slate, Saltillo, Terrazzo, and Concrete

Cleaning, Sealing, Honing, & Polishing

Whichever type of stone or concrete flooring you have, Atlas has you covered! From cleaning and sealing slate, to stripping and applying a new finish to your saltillo tile, we can customize a solution for your particular need! Have a question about which sealer works best for outdoor uses? Give us a call today and we can get you on the path to a refreshed flooring surface, done to your satisfaction. Guaranteed.


Atlas Floor Care provides all levels of cleaning and polishing of natural stone floors, countertops, and showers, regardless of damage or wear. We offer free in home estimates to help break down exactly what options are available for your specific situation and provide a quote that is good for 90 days. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation and you'll be on the path to having your natural stone look as good or better than when it was first installed!

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